Here we go again

So YouTube has decided to censor the backup channel for a video I mirrored from RFB3, which at the time of this posting is still up and running. If you want to watch it I will post it below. I don’t know what they’re doing with Richie’s videos but all I know is that as soon as it went up I got a strike. Within minutes. The Google A.I. must be tagging them and anyone who mirrors them gets nailed. That’s just a guess but that seems to be the pattern. I’m not saying Richie knows about it if that’s what’s happening but they sure jumped on me fast.

The main channel will be back in 2 days. Until then this will be the only place I can put videos without censorship. We still need to raise about $250 to expand the site storage. This will also allow for other plug-ins and other features for the website. I also plan on adding a podcast (audio only) link to the site via Spreaker.com. That will also add to the monthly expenses but the free sites like Anchor block us out. The links are on the homepage of the site, thanks and God bless!

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