CNN Claims Society Will NEVER go Back to Normal, Time to “Move on” Into Their “new Normal”

You’re not gonna like it!

CNN, the BBC and Klaus Schwabb have a new dystopian (and depressing) future all planned out for you, just as they planned this entire pandemic to begin with. You will see from their OWN BOOKS AND DOCUMENTS that there will never be a “return to normal” and the world will never be as it was in January 2020. If you go against this New World Order you will be labeled as “mentally ill” and either executed (the old and infirm) or re-educated in a camp to become a slave in their NWO.

So NO, the future does NOT look bright for the USA or the world in general. The only ones it will be bright for are the Luciferians who rule this world from the top down. Call them what you will they answer only to Lucifer and they are the ones sending the plans down to the politicians, bankers, etc. Here is the video I made on this subject and I put it here so hopefully it stays up because YouTube would take it down and give us a guidelines strike. Please share this with everyone you know because it’s NOT going back to the old normal.

And here are some of my research links for you to browse at your leisture.

My video From June!

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