It’s Much Worse Than We EVER Thought Possible…

Covid19 gives you a get out of jail free card…

I did a video on this subject earlier today except it was based on what California is planning on doing. This has already been done. Jails nationwide have released up to 32% of inmates. From Big league politics “Many jails have released up to half of their inmates, with facilities in Oregon, Arkansas and New Jersey releasing between 57% and 63% of their jail inmates.”

It gets worse from there. Now even dangerous sex offenders who SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN RELEASED have been unleashed on the public. Yet these same politicians say you shouldn’t be armed. From the article I quoted above;

“The release of inmates on coronavirus safety concerns is a jailbreak of arguably unprecedented proportions. The amnesties have already resulted in public safety repercussions, with at least one Orange County prosecutor being vindicated after warning over the release of inmates who he described as “high risk” sex offenders.

Rudy Magdoleno, a repeat felony convict released from an Orange County Jail, was arrested for exposing himself to staff members at a parole center last month. District Attorney Todd Spitzer had warned that Magdoleno was a dangerous offender who shouldn’t have been released.

At least one inmate released from a Colorado prison(as opposed to a jail) was rearrested for first degree murder last week. Cornelius Haney, who was serving time for armed robbery, was set free by Colorado Democratic Governor Jared Polis’ coronavirus prison amnesty. The governor has gone on to make the excuse that Haney’s release would’ve been assured by a parole board anyway.

The prison and jail systems exist for a reason, and the dubious release of large populations of convicted criminals undermines the purpose that the corrections system serves for society. With public infrastructure slowly adjusting to accommodating the stresses of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s time to end the dangerous and questionable jailbreak”

Below is my video from earlier today on the same subject. The government is NOT going to protect you, its now YOUR responsibility and it always was. God bless and STAY READY! Prayed up and prepped up!

They are laughing now but they won’t be soon…

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  • Troubling as this/these releases are, what is more, is the history of how US incarceration has reached peak levels — as no other country — with justice long forgotten given the plea bargain.

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