Privacy Concerns Are Raised About New High Tech Tracking for Coronavirus…

Watching and Tracking Using A.I.

We are definitely moving into the Orwell or “They Live” age very rapidly. Once again the Covid19 virus is moving us towards ZERO privacy and subjecting entire city populations to drones, cameras, scanners, all integrated by AI. Gee what could go wrong? Plenty.

According to this story from ABC in Australia this technology can monitor quite a bit and the AI can process the information in record time. Here’s how it works.

Professor Javaan Chahl, who holds positions with the University of South Australia and the Department of Defence, is developing software for the pandemic drone.

The device uses thermal cameras and artificial intelligence to measure some of the indicators of coronavirus in groups of people: heart rate, body temperature, coughing and sneezing.

“Heart rate can be measured in two different ways,” he told 7.30.

“From a drone, we normally would measure it by a subtle change in skin tone that’s associated with each heartbeat.

“And it’s caused by changing the volume of blood in the skin. It also causes slight movement.”

The drone would also be able to detect a cough from “15-20 metres away”, while heart rate can be detected within 6-8 metres with only a “very small” margin of error.

It could also be used to monitor social distancing.

Professor Chahl does acknowledge the technology could also be used to watch and target individuals if a future user wanted to.

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“All such technologies carry a risk with them,” he said.

“I might think it’s a very bad idea to use drones to chase people around who might be sick. But perhaps others might have different ideas.

“And it’s very hard to restrain them from using it like that once the genie is out of the bottle.”

Police in the US city of Westport, an hour north of New York, were trialing the software along with Draganfly, but pulled out last week over privacy concerns.

As you can see once the “genie is out of the bottle” the governments of the world won’t stop using the technology, they will simply seek to perfect it. Here is the video that a subscriber sent to me earlier. It goes with the story above. God bless, stay ready!

Monitoring with AI

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