The Coronavirus or Covid-19 Just Became Very Real For Myself and My Family

You “Everything is a Hoax” crowd better get a clue!

I was informed that my daughter may very well have the Covid-19 virus. She has all of the symptoms including respiratory distress. They wouldn’t test her at the clinic however because she’s too healthy. Yes she didn’t fit the criteria even though she’s the social director at a nursing home. Her fiance also has it (very sick with something) and the grand kids had a cold last week. As I reported earlier they have quit testing for the virus out here in the west as its considered endemic.

For those of you who think this is a hoax you’re going to be in for a very rude awakening. Now it’s hit my family and it is VERY VERY REAL. The channels who keep saying its all crisis actors and no one is dying are LYING TO YOU either intentionally or because they’re that stupid but more than likely its the former. I have zero time for any of you fools who follow them and believe their BS. The book of Proverbs talks about NOT arguing with you so I will listen. Proverbs 26:4 is one of my favorites.

Folks this thing is very real and you need to take it seriously. My daughter has trouble catching her breath just going from one room to another. When she does it’s very difficult to catch her breath because of the coughing. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. I’m off now to do the same. God bless and stay safe.



  • celticlasscelticlass88

    Johnny, I don’t know what to say except I will pray for you and your family. Thank you for sharing something this personal. I don’t comprehend the ‘not testing as it is endemic’. Please let your subscribers know what is happening.

    • It is no worse than the flue. Or even less, it’s a CONTROL ISSUE. THEY ARE PAYING FAMILIES to change their families birth certificates 14,000$$$. Who isn’t going to accept that. And Not tell anyone. When you have no job. No money and or no place to live?? Hospitals are getting 50,000++$$ per case, what do you think is on the end of the qtip the are shoving up you nose?! Why would your nose be burning??? Why would ANYTHING BE ON THE QTIP!! Except what ever is in your own private nose!!! It’s a damm scam on the world!

      • They are testing to see who expresses the Vmat2 gene. This is a full out war against those who Love the Lord…

  • God bless you Johnny and your family, and I hope they recover and the Lord protects them. I am praying for your family.

    • i know about the vmat 2 gene but why do you say that i mean why test what are they going to do with that info if you stil refuse to take the vax

  • Charlotte Knight

    They essentially are not testing here in NC…the not test thing must be a big part of the agenda here in the US.

    Although they have said we have 7 cases, that had to be wrong.
    With a little digging found out not only does the person have to have traveled to one of the infected areas, but also meet a number of other conditions as well.
    THEN testing still has to be approved by government agencies.



  • hello so sorry for you, gona pray for you, thanks you for all that you did for inform us GOD BLESS US ALL

  • Praying for you and your family.

  • Keeping you and family in my prayers. God bless.

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  • August 2021 Alberta Court in Canada, The Queen v Patrick King – the establishment could not prove the existence of COVID-19. The virus has never been identified – because it does not exist.
    If you were wearing a paper mask made in China then:
    1) Swansea University, UK found heavy metals in these masks – activated when mask is wet
    2) Almeria University, Spain found graphene oxide in masks, swabs and vaccine, plus bacteria which causes pneumonia, meningitis and other diseases.
    Graphene oxide causes all the symptoms of COVID. Check out the work of La Quinta Columna.
    Governments deliberately reclassified influenza in the winter to COVID – influenza deaths dropped because reclassified. Then forced mask wearing on us which was the real cause of COVID.
    Proven in court that there is no ‘virus’. We’ve been poisoning ourselves with those masks which are made in China in non-sterile environment and were never capable of stopping a virus. Only a full hood mask like they wear in labs will stop a virus.
    Wake Up.

  • Wife and 22 year old daughter had it. Wife had muscle pain, sore joints, tiredness and fatigue for a week. Daughter had the sniffles.

  • I am very sorry for your families illnesses. A Flu is REAL. However, it’s influenza A or B–its NOT Covid because Covid has has never been isolated nor identified under a microscope and that is a scientific fact! Read the New England Journal of Medicine March 26th issue, written by doctors FOR doctors! They tell you exactly what it is and what its not. It is the MEDIA that has hyped this and scared people! If people just educated themselves, they would know this is just a seasonal flu that we get every single year. .COVID has been made into a “boogey man” of sorts, in order to get people to take the deadly vax–THAT is the goal and it has fooled many! Now that you know that, you also know there is a 99.02% of recovery and that is VERY good news. Also, have faith in God! God heals people every day! For many, this is a test–pass the test:)

  • I was of the idea even before Trump that the person who created a peace agreement between Israel and the Og and Gomer tribe would be the antichrist or perhaps the herald of the a-c so that would make it more specifically Jared Kushner, and Trump the enabler perhaps. Trump was totally out of his league. He under estimated his enemies, and the fact that they want to destroy the planet to being in the Third Way of the Fabian Society face of evil rulers.

    Corona is the commonwealth crown being taken back by the royal bloodlines of which there are 10 kings who currently do not have their kingdoms yet but are busy giving over their power to the beast?

  • radiation is it …………

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