When the FBI Stocks Up its Time to Pay Attention

Even the WHO is now openly saying that the virus is set to explode around the world. There are people pouring into Vietnam from China as I’m typing this after a border crossing was left unguarded. I think it was left open on purpose and we are dealing with the end times, Revelation 6:8 in particular.

The bottom line here is that the government is taking it very seriously while not telling the public hardly anything except “don’t worry its just a cold”. I say that when the FBI and other departments and hospitals start prepping you better pay attention!

Here is part of the story from CNBC

1 pm: FBI has ordered $40,000 in hand sanitizer and face masks
The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has ordered $40,000 of hand sanitizer and face masks “in case the coronavirus becomes a pandemic in the United States,” according to the acquisition document. The FBI’s “pandemic preparedness” supply order includes face masks from manufacturer 3M and disinfectants, including hand sanitizer, from PDI Healthcare, the document said. In its purchase order, the FBI said it needs to have those items on hand if the coronavirus, or COVID-19, spreads widely throughout the U.S. The masks and disinfectants “are to be stored throughout the country for distribution in the event of a declared pandemic,” according to the document, which was signed Friday and gave the companies a week to fulfill the order. — Feuer

1:28 pm: Global air travel demand set to decline
Global air travel demand is set to decline for the first time since 2009 because of coronavirus, the International Air Transport Association said Thursday. Pauses in corporate travel and overall slumping demand due to warnings of the rapidly-spreading illness have prompted carriers to suspend service or drastically reduce China service. The outbreak will cost Chinese airlines $12.8 billion in revenue and nearly $29 billion for carriers in the Asia-Pacific region, IATA estimated. The trade group, which represents most of the world’s airlines, had forecast demand growth in 2020 of 4.1%, which it’s now revised to a contraction of 0.6%. —Josephs

2:16 pm: Ukrainians clash with police to block evacuees from China
Ukraine’s effort to quarantine more than 70 people evacuated from China over the new virus outbreak plunged into chaos Thursday as local residents opposing the move engaged in violent clashes with police. Several hundred residents of the village of Novi Sanzhary in Ukraine’s central Poltava region blocked the road to a sanitarium intended to host the evacuees. Demonstrators put up road blocks, burned tires and clashed with riot police who moved to clear access. More than 10 people were detained, and Ukraine’s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov personally visited the site of the protests to try to calm the crowd down. Avakov urged the protesters “not to fall for provocations and be understanding of the necessity for these temporary measures.” — Associated Press

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