New Sponsor Alert! Meet the Hero Soap Company!

We were contacted by Lucas, the founder last week and we are now an affiliate with the Hero Soap Company! It was founded by veterans who found how hard it was for a lot of veterans to transition from military to civilian life. Now they’re giving back to charities that support veterans, first responders and their families!

I made a short video below to show you how it looks and how it works for me! I really love the Peppermint Cool bar I’m using now and I plan on buying more once I’m out! The soap is all natural with NO PERFUMES or other chemicals to irritate your skin! This is made with goats milk and essential oils along with coconut and palm oils. It really is refreshing!

If you purchase through our link HERE then we get a small affiliate commission and you help support the channel and website! Make sure and use the promo code STORM to get 10% off your purchase! Thank you and God bless!

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