On the Brink of WW3 with Iran and Others But Americans Just Don’t Care

War is Coming

America is on the brink of WW3 with Iran and other nations like China and Russia just to name a few. Yet most of America remains oblivious to what’s coming and probably can’t find Iran on a map. The public has become completely apathetic and doesn’t believe that war can and will happen on American soil. That’s why many millions will die when it hits the fan because they won’t be prepared whatsoever at all as we always see when Hurricanes strike.

Today I cover the latest on what’s happening with Iran and how the new sanctions the US is placing on them will bring us closer to war. Also Israel has already stated that if Iran starts enriching again they will strike. Once that happens all bets are off yet the American public slumbers. Prayed up and Prepped up! Revelation 3:3

Americans Are Clueless

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