Fundraising For The Last Week of April

Hey everyone I had some ideas for a fundraiser to end the month of April. For anyone who donates the last week of April via Patreon, PayPal or the PO Box will get a PDF version of my book on spiritual warfare. No special software or a Kindle will be needed.

Also anyone who donates $30 or more via PayPal or the PO Box will receive an autographed (by the author) copy of the book, “The Answer to Cancer, A Simple Solution to the Western Condition” which you can preview here: h

I have 10 copies of this book which retails for $35 on Amazon that I’m ready to send out to you! Please make sure you include your mailing address for the USPS as that’s how it will ship.

The links to donate are here.

For check or MO please send to Johnny Storm PO Box 19006 Spokane WA 99219.

This will help us keep going and stay on the air so we can continue to get you the news they won’t speak about for as long as we can! Thank you and God bless!

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