How Much Longer?

Tick Tock

How much longer can the world keep floundering and remain in this state of “controlled chaos”? That’s the million dollar question everyone keeps asking as the times we live in get darker and more turbulent.

Psalm 13 talks about the same subject as David is lamenting over God not hearing his cries and giving his enemies rule over him. Jesus felt that God had forsaken Him as well as he was up on that tree in Matthew 24:46. God’s people are lamenting the evil that encompasses the earth in the last days and are asking “How much longer Lord?”

The answer to the question of “how much longer” is “who knows?”. There is deception all around us as predicted in 2 Thes 2:11. The term “fake news” has been weaponized so that even if a story is 100% truth the mainstream talking heads will declare it fake if their puppet masters command it. Then there are the alternative channels that keep telling us the sky is falling yet it never actually does.

Let’s look at the economy in the USA as an example of the “sky is falling” narrative. None of the “experts”, even those who tell the truth truly know when the big crash is going to happen. Only those in the upper echelons in the Luciferian cult really know the inside scoop and all indications are that they’re using quantum computing and other similar methods to outline their plans.

The reality is that the bankers can keep kicking the can down the road for awhile longer, maybe for years. They’ve become expert at manipulating all of the markets and injecting cash into stocks when it’s needed to prevent a crash. This just proves that they’re not quite ready for it to happen yet. When they are they’ll push the button and it will come crashing down.

This is one of the big reasons we as believers in Jesus Christ aren’t supposed to focus on the world and it’s corrupt systems. Jesus described this many times but one of my favorites is found in Matthew 6:33. If we seek His will for our lives FIRST, the money and things we need in this world will be provided for us (but work is still a requirement). It’s called walking by faith and not by sight. The world wants us to believe we have to act and live a certain way or we’re outcasts. Well that is EXACTLY what we are as when we’re born again spiritually we don’t belong to this world anymore.

This is one big reason why I’ve cut down on my reporting lately. God has shown me that chasing after every evil thing these people do is pointless. It’s just like a dog chasing it’s tail. Chasing down all of the different headlines just makes us more frustrated and depressed. Instead ask Jesus to reveal the things HE wants you to look at and get discernment on. Remember we all have a different task to perform in the body of Christ and your focus may be being diverted by this world.

Obviously I will continue to report on current events but I’m not going to set dates or fear monger. Instead I will take Jesus’ advice and seek first the kingdom. Each day I ask Him to make something jump out and when He does I report on it. Make Jesus and His will for your life your priority and watch how the events in this world take on less meaning. You belong to Jesus who won the victory and overcame the world!

For me the answer to the question “how much longer” is found in God’s word. Jesus told us not to worry or be frightened but when these things come to pass to “lift up our heads” because our redemption draws nigh. Keep His word close at all times and trust in Him and not the so called “experts” in the world.

God bless,

Johnny Storm