Changes Are Coming To The Patreon Channel in May

Some changes are coming for the Patreon channel on May 1st. Essentially the tier system will be eliminated and the minimum donation will be $3 per month. This means you can decide for yourselves what the channel is worth to you and help keep us going. If we have enough people participate we can keep growing and reaching more people with the truth.

I’m making this change so everyone can be included in on the exclusive content I put up for Patrons at least once or twice a week. I think the goal for the channel should be to raise funds to keep us going and to help us expand. I don’t think it should matter if you can afford $3 or $30 per month, you should get something for being willing to help.

Making the change will also allow me to focus on making good content for everyone and not making separate content based upon the donation amount. I like keeping things simple and to the point and being freed up from the extra obligation will allow me save time and keep things moving in a timely fashion. You guys like how quickly I can find things and break them down and this change will help me to keep doing that for you.

I’ll keep donation amounts anonymous so you can donate what’s on your heart without everyone knowing what you’re doing. This keeps things in line with scripture which tells us to give in secret so we can receive our rewards as Jesus describes in Matthew 6.

Finally thank you to all of you who have and do donate monthly via Patreon! Your support truly does help put food on the table and allow us to expand and do new things like this website. We pray we can continue to earn your support and continue to expand and keep speading the truth until they take us down. You can find the Patreon channel here:

God bless and take care,

Johnny Storm